Our Team

Behind every successful business, is a kick ass team. They are the lifeline of our business and we wouldn’t be where we are today without each and every single one of them. We don’t take any job for granted and appreciate each of the roles that our employees play in making our shop run efficiently and smoothly. We are honored and thankful every day for these incredible people, who we like to call the Red Beard Crew! They are the best of the best, and we would like to take a minute to introduce you to each of them! Meet the Team behind the scenes at Red Beard Garage & Towing!

Lee Fritzler- Owner/Service Technician & Tow Truck Operator

Shop owner, Lee Fritzler, brings 18 years of experience to the shop. He’s had a passion for the automotive/truck industry since he was young whether it was working on his own 1970’s Fords, or making his pedal bikes faster. His passion and knowledge, combined with his technical skills, and a degree in Applied Service Management from WyoTech, make him a great leader. He opened Red Beard Garage in the summer of 2014 at a small shop at his home and was able to expand to our new location in the fall of 2018. When Lee isn’t turning wrenches or driving tow trucks, you may find him on stage playing his guitar and singing, riding his Harley, looking for his balls in the rough, or spending time with his two girls and his wife, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Fritzler- Owner/Finance & Marketing

Shop owner, head of finance and marketing, Elizabeth Fritzler, handles everything from employee benefits and pay, to marketing, to financial planning, team building, or helping out with any duties in the office. With the expansion of the shop, Elizabeth sold her salon of 10 years to be able to focus on one business as a family, and team up with her husband, Lee. She brings 12+ years of owning a business and a passion for the service provider industry. She has a clear vision for the expansion and future of Red Beard Garage. When she’s not holding down her chair in the office, you might find her with her girls, homeschooling, booking bands for a local summer concert series, attending a concert, riding her Harley, reading a book, or camping with the family.

Travis Turman- Service Manager/Tow Truck Operator

Meet our Service Manager, Travis Turman. Travis has been with us since April 2019 and has been a huge asset to the shop. He is responsible for handling the work load coming in and out, keeping the shop flowing smoothly, making sure the technicians have parts and everything they need to get their job done, and handles all of the estimates as well. In addition, he also completes invoices, communicates with our customers, and operates the tow truck when on call. His knack of doing research combined with his passion for diesel engines, he brings a lot of knowledge to our shop. When Travis isn’t coordinating chaos at the shop, you may find him dreaming of diesel soot, at the rifle range, handling the sound for a local band, or hanging out with his wife, Kimberly, and family.

Stephanie Retzlaff- Office Clerk/Receptionist

Stephanie has been with us from almost day one. She was the first employee we hired a little over 5 years ago. She has basically done it all over the course of the years and her job duties have been changed and added to many times. She is always willing to pitch in and help out where needed. Chances are if you have called the shop, you have probably spoken to her. Her duties include answering the phone, completing invoices, writing technician worksheets, handling inventory and ordering parts, just to name a few. When Stephanie doesn’t have the phone attached to her ear, you may find her watching some football, spending time with her two kids and husband, camping with the family, or just laying low.

Trevor Whaley- Technician/Tow Truck Operator

Technician and Tow Truck champ, Trevor Whaley, has been with us for almost 5 years. He started working at the shop in high school part time and came on board full time after graduating from Alliance High School. It’s been pretty amazing to see his growth as technician over the years. Trevor has a passion for working on diesel engines but can handle just about anything that we throw at him. His experience, combined with his passion for cars and trucks makes him a great asset to the shop. He is also one of our most experienced tow truck drivers. Trevor is like family to us and we are thankful to have him as a part of the team. When Trevor isn’t sporting his blue coveralls, you may find him driving a Dodge, hunting out in the fields, having a good time with friends, posting memes on Facebook, or chasing all his girlfriends.

Terry Craig- Technician/Tow Truck Operator

Meet Terry Craig, technician and tow truck operator. Terry has been a part of the team for about two years. Terry, also known as our front end guy, works mostly on cars, handles our tire repairs, and new engine installs. He is always on time and is super dependable. He has on many occasions pitched in to work overtime or help with any other shop duties when called upon. He is also a great tow truck operator and has put on quite a few miles in the driver seat. When Terry isn’t being picked on at the shop, you might find him hanging out with his two boys and wife, Dakota, trying to catch a fish, scouting the big one to shoot, or just hanging out with his family.

Cody Baker- Technician/Tow Truck Operator

With over 14 years of experience, Cody Baker joined the shop full time in October 2018. Cody and Lee had the opportunity to work together a few years back and we knew he would be a great fit and addition to our team. Cody is our go to for any and everything. He truly can handle it all and in a timely manner. Cody has been a huge asset to the shop and has hands down been a huge part of our growth since moving to our new location. Cody, CDL licensed driver, is also our only other tech that can drive Big Blue, our big wrecker. Cody is an extremely knowledgeable technician and takes pride in his work. He has an amazing work ethic as well as makes sure our customers are always satisfied. When Cody isn’t running circle in floor dry, you might find him hanging with his boys and girlfriend, Christina, rolling smoke in his Duramax, grinding the gears in his Subaru, or just hanging out with his family.

Aaron Korth – Service Technician/Tow Truck Operator

Meet Aaron Korth. Aaron joins our team for the second time since the opening of Red Beard Garage. Aaron is an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician with over 10 years of experience in the automotive repair industry. He is a hometown native who graduated with an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science of Automotive Technology from Southeast Community College in Milford, NE. Along with his automotive repair qualifications, he is an experienced tow truck operator with a CDL license. When Aaron isn’t turning wrenches, you will find him hanging out with his wife Stephanie, and their 3 children, Leighton, Lawson, and Lennon. He is one heck of a demo derby driver, and enjoys spinning the wheels in his ’66 Mustang! Welcome back to the team, Aaron!